EmergencyVehicles.org has one mission, to bring together the emergency vehicles technicians across the nation and the world. This goal can and will increase the quality of technical knowledge by having a single location where technicians can login for answers or simply to ask questions of their fellow installers.

This input does not need to be limited to technicians only, if it was we would be missing the user side of the equation which is very important. So we also opened the forums here to get input from active duty vehicle users and fleet personal that are involved in fleet activities from day to day.

Please feel free to join and post your questions.

If you have any questions we have staff to answer your questions:

Staff can be reached using the Private Message functions of the forums: Admin or Admin1

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** Important Note about Registration for our Forums **

To those looking to register with the emergencyvehicles.org forum:

Due to the influx of spam on the web, we've decided to implement a manual approval process for all new memberships.

The only way for your account to be approved is to email admin2@emergencyvehicles.org

Please provide your name, as well as why you would be an asset to our forum of professionals.

Also, when you register an account with this forum, please use either your real name, something to do with your profession, and/or some way of pointing out your legitimacy.

We are doing our best to create a board of industry professionals. We know that there will also be members who join to find answers to their questions when upfitting their own vehicles. You're welcome too!

Members are entitled to take advantage of special deals from sponsor vendors - so the free registration is well worth the price.

If there are any questions, please email admin2@emergencyvehicles.org



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